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The 5 Key Benefits Of Health And Safety Training

Added: 15 Oct 2013 15:19 - Uncategorized

Health and safety training in the workplace is essential for compliance with the latest government Health and Safety requirements and the avoidance of accidents or long-term effects to employee health.

In addition to the most obvious benefits, training your staff in areas such as COSHH  also gives you reduced insurance premiums, a boost to your reputation, an increase in productivity, reduced downtime due to absence and also protects you from being taken to court for negligence, or even worse, facing imprisonment.

At First Health and Safety, we offer a range of health and safety training courses that will help you to protect your workforce and your business from the many dangers that exist in any workplace. Here we take a look at those health and safety training benefits in more detail.

1. A Reduction In Your Insurance Premiums

If you can prove to your insurance company that you employ managers trained in a range of health and safety issues you can expect reduced premiums on your public or employee liability insurance. A company or organisation with trained health and safety mangers and supervisors is less likely to face claims due to accident, illness or injury.

2. Good Health and Safety Training Could Give A Boost To Your Business Reputation

An accident in your workplace could be the downfall of your business if you are found to have been negligent. Negligence comes in many forms from failure to provide adequate training on machinery and equipment to asking an employee to work too many hours. You have a duty of care towards your employees to ensure they are safe and healthy during their time in your employment whether they are out on the road or working in an office. A company that recognises good health and safety training is essential will often have an excellent safety record and a reputation to match.

3. An Increase In Productivity

When employees are fit and well they are able to work at a faster pace and fully focus on the job at hand. A staff member with a bad back on the other hand will be less able to carry out certain tasks and will be focused more on the pain they are experiencing. A well trained health and safety manager will recognise problems when they occur and prevent accidents and injuries occurring and make arrangements for staff experiencing health problems to get the assistance they need.

4.  Reduced Rates Of Absence

One of the aims of health and safety training is to help staff and managers to reduce the amount of employee illness and absence. This could involve anything from ensuring proper ventilation is available in enclosed areas or supplying adequate hand washing stations to prevent the spread of viruses.

5. Legal Protection Against Damages

It is a legal requirement for all companies to take reasonable steps to protect their employees from accidents and illness. If a business owner is found to be negligent they could be held responsible and face heavy fines and even imprisonment. The right level of health and safety training helps to ensure that all incidents are documented, investigated and on the whole avoided altogether.

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