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The most popular e-learning FAQs

Why should I choose First Health & Safety?
Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of e-learning FAQs.The First Health & Safety e-learning system delivers effective online health and safety training for less. Our comprehensive online training system is an engaging interactive solution that covers a wide range of essential health and safety topics. See below for more e-learning FAQs.

It uses an easy to use yet sophisticated administration function to allow you to audit and track the progress of each learner.

What functionality do I have?
The First Health & Safety system allows for different levels of administration for example you may want to set up ‘Super Admin Users’ that allows full access to all of the functionality, however you may also want to set up other ‘Admin Users’ with less rights.

For example, the ‘Admin Users’ may just be able to may only be able to view reports but not set up new users. The software is extremely flexible and provides full control over all the features for both set-up, reporting and customisation.

Below is a brief list of the main features:

  • Set-up multi level users and assign specific rights
  • Track individual staff progress
  • View scores, incomplete training and re-tests
  • View time, date a frequency of access to the system by staff
  • Customise questions and content  for your specific requirements
  • Schedule modules start dates and required completion
  • Set the training cycle frequency
  • Choose pass rates
  • Send messages to uses within the system and make global announcements with the bulletin board feature
  • Import data such as users so you don’t have to import them manually

These features can be shown to you in the online demo.

What are the benefits of health and safety e-learning?
The health and safety e-learning training courses are dynamic, engaging and very interesting. As the content is interactive your staff will learn quickly, retain more knowledge and enjoy the training.

The self test section means that they get to see how much they have learnt and if necessary revisit any areas that they have failed. There is an option to print a certificate for each user who has passed which is personalised with their details.

By providing high quality accurate health and safety information to your staff you will build a culture of safety and help increase staff retention, productivity as well as protecting yourself from damaging and expensive legal action.

What training modules are available?
The online health and safety e-learning system offers a number of unique functions to ensure that the user gains the most they can from their training experience. The training modules are interactive, informative, exciting to use and completely up-to-date with current health and safety legislation and directives.

These are just a few of the topics:

How is the training delivered?
The First Health & Safety e-learning system is delivered over the Internet, all you need to access your system is a PC with Internet browser (you will also need your user name and password).

The system is hosted on our secure server. The server carry an SSL certificate and all data is encrypted for maximum security. We manage the server that means that you have no IT worries.

How much will the e-learning cost?
We can provide your organisation with your own online system for typically 50% less than the normal market price of most e-learning systems. Contact us for a quotation.

Can the system be branded for my company?
We can add your company name and colour scheme to the system and this is included for FREE. This ensures that the system always reflects your brand at all times.

Can I customise the training courses?
Unlike many other systems ours comes complete with a content management tool that lets you add, edit and delete text and images. This allows you to customise it for your specific requirements.

Can I create new training Modules?
If you would like a new module that is not part of our module library we can easily create this for you. If you have a specific request please contact us so we can provide you with a quote.

Can video clips be included in the modules?
Many of our modules already include video clips however we can integrate existing video clips into the modules or if you require we can shoot new clips. We have our own production company who can undertake this for you for probably less than you think!

Can we add e-mail addresses and web links?
Adding e-mail addresses and web links is simple! It's all done using our content management tool.

Can we change the test difficulty and pass rates?
The administration tool allows you to change the test questions and pass rate allowing you to make it easier or harder for the learners. Each training course uses a pool of questions – the questions are selected randomly by the system to make sure that users don’t get the same set of questions twice.

Can the system be delivered in foreign languages?
We can provide the system in any chosen language – we would be only too pleased to quote for this. Go to our ’Migrant Workers‘ page for more information.

Do you provide training for the system?
The system is extremely easy to use so most users find that once they’ve used it once that’s all the training they need. We provide ½ days training with each system supplied, if further training is required (for example at multiple locations) we have a competitive pricing structure.

What technical support do we get?
The software includes a maintenance package which provides support Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.

Is there a User Manual available?
The software comes with a user manual both in printed form and is integrated in the help section of the modules.

How quickly can I get a system?
We can get a standard system online for you in around 10 working days. If you require customisation then this may take longer depending on the additional detail required. However, most clients find that our standard systems are more than adequate.

Once you have paid for the order we e-mail you with your access details to the system.

What do I need to access my e-learning system?
You simply need a PC with an Internet browser!

If you have any additional e-learning FAQs that we can help with then please contact us.

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