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According to the employment advisory service (ACAS), around 4 million people in the UK are shift workers. For many, shift work enables them to have a great work and life balance. However, there are health, safety and wellbeing risks associated with shift work. If you are a shift worker, knowing what they are and having strategies to reduce the risks is important.

By the end of the course, you will be able to identify the risks to your health, safety and wellbeing, and have many hints and tips that you can use to make shift working work well for you.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will have learned about:

  • Understanding sleep patterns
  • Understanding fatigue
  • Tips to improve your sleep
  • Getting support
  • Reporting concerns
  • How to prepare for the first night shift
  • Getting home safely
  • Coming off nights.


Preloaded Scorm Module

  • Understanding the Risks
  • Adjusting to Shift Work
  • Coping with Shift Rotation

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