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Online health and safety training for schools

We know that your school, academy, college or university is a unique learning environment. We also know that health and safety is an important part of running a successful educational establishment.

You want to be able to deliver meaningful H&S training that’s simple to implement, easy to track training records and a headache free way to monitor risk – ideally, all at the click of a button.

However, you’ll find that there are not any specific online eLearning health and safety training courses for schools or academies on the market. Instead just standard corporate safety training courses that don’t really address the needs of schools, colleges and universities.

Until now.

Health and safety eLearning courses designed especially for schools.

Here at First Health and Safety we’ve been working with specialist educational course designers to create a range of H&S training courses that are aimed at schools, colleges and universities.

This means that you can now train staff in a wide range of H&S topics that have been created specifically for the educational sector. Your training will be faster, more effective and will suit your educational environment and the unique challenges you face on a daily basis.

Course List:

  • Accident Investigation For Schools
  • Asbestos Awareness for Schools
  • Working with Disability for Schools
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for Schools
  • Child Safeguarding for Schools
  • COSHH for Schools
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation for Schools
  • Fire Warden Course for Schools
  • Food Hygiene for Schools
  • Office Safety for Schools
  • Risk Assessment for Schools
  • Working at Height for Schools
  • Health & Safety Induction for Schools
  • Information Security for Schools
  • Manual Handling for Schools

Track compliance and train school staff in a few clicks

We can provide you with a hassle-free way to train all staff across all departments. The SCORM compliant e-learning courses deliver relevant H&S information in an easy to understand format which means that your staff, teachers and supporters get trained effectively.

Not only this but the easy to use dashboard and reporting system means that you’ll no longer be swamped with paperwork or pulling your hair out trying to find someone’s training record. All records are kept online so you stay compliant – always.

As with all schools, academies and places of learning time is a big issue. We know that you don't have the time to train and can't afford to take teachers away from the classroom. Online training solves these problems as staff and teachers can train anytime and anywhere they have internet access. So, this could be before or after school hours or even in break time. 

All of the safety training courses are ideal for first and primary schools, middle schools and senior schools. All courses are suitable for both state run and private schools and colleges.

Our targeted safety training eLearning courses will save you time and headaches. 

We have more courses coming online regularly so please contact us or check back to see new courses.

Using our simple and intuitive health and safety e-Learning platform is easy. We can get you up and running in a matter of a few days and training your staff and teachers on custom written school related safety training topics.

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