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Consultants to help with accident investigation…

Organisations have made progress in getting to grips with risk assessment but many are still failing to gain maximum benefit from their approach to accident investigation. Consequently, they are still failing to learn vital lessons, which could help them improve their overall management of health and safety.

It is now a legal requirement for employers to investigate accidents and the The Health and Safety Executive has stated that:

‘Adequately investigating the immediate and underlying causes of incidents and accidents to ensure that remedial action is taken, lessons are learnt and longer term objectives are introduced’.

Here at First Health and Safety our experienced consultants can assist you in the accident investigation process to enable analysis and evaluation of all the significant causes – immediate, underlying and root.

Our accident investigation consultants will then be able to identify risk control measures that were missing, inadequate or unused, and compare conditions/practices with what is required by legal requirements, codes of practice and guidance. Our consultants will remain objective and unbiased to provide recommendations that will best prevent any further recurrence.

Online health and safety training – preventing accidents

One of the best ways to avoid accidents in the first place is to implement relevant and effective health and safety training. And while classroom based training can prove to be too expensive for some organisations it’s worth considering deploying online health and safety training. In most cases it is more effective, more affordable and easier to implement across your workforce. Not only this, but it also provides continuity in training where each learner receives exactly the same information each time. So there is no margin for error.

Importantly, learners can work at a time and a pace to suit themselves – this not only helps with the digestion of the information but also fits around busy work schedules. Our online health and safety training courses feature animation, video, audio, text and images to really bring alive the learning experience. These are just a few reasons why we are the most trusted health and safety e-learning company in the UK.

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