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Critical display screen assessments for your business…

Display screen assessments are a critical part of your health and safety strategy. How to ensure the safety of all VDU users is one of the major challenges facing organisations.  Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, it is a requirement to ensure all users’ workstations are assessed.

The use of display screen equipment (or DSE as it’s also called) as well as the configuration of the equipment, workstation, desk and seating (plus a whole host of other factors) plays an important part in display screen assessments. We help companies and organisations comply with best working practices and regulations to provide protection for employees against the adverse health affects that incorrectly set-up DSE equipment can lead to.

We will audit the workstation and environment as well as the other physical factors such as lighting, space, seating and posture.We’ll then provide essential training in the best use of this equipment as well as provide recommendations.

A display screen assessment must be suitable and sufficient to ensure all users can achieve a comfortable working environment. This can be time consuming, your staff carrying out assessments will require training and this takes them away from normal activities.  To ensure you meet your legal obligations let us take on the burden of a display screen assessments for you.   Our assessors are fully trained health and safety practitioners and will be able to recommend appropriate solutions to any significant issues raised.

The great news is that we can now offer a complete display screen equipment assessments for just £595 for up to 15 users.

DSE e-learning

In addition to DSE Audits we also provide excellent online health and safety training courses in the use of DSE. These DSE e-learning modules feature all the elements to ensure that users understand the importance of a correctly set up workstation. They are also given the knowledge and skills to correctly set up their workspace and look at other factors such as posture, lighting, noise and so on. If you’d like a FREE Trial of any of our e-learning courses then click on the FREE online demo button.

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