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Getting the right equipment to ensure your warehouse is safe for workers

Added: 11 Mar 2013 15:24 - Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety in the workplace can even be a life or death situation; with 173 people killed in the workplace during the year of record 2011/12 and 111, 000 other injuries recorded it is still a primary concern for companies and employers. Injury claims from workplaces continue to cost employers millions when, in reality, a few simple practices could ensure that your business doesn’t not suffer the loss of an employee and then profit. Accidents will still happen but the majority of workplace accidents are related to a lack of health and safety understanding.

Regardless of your place of work, you are responsible for your own health and safety – but your employer is responsible for providing the tools that make it possible to complete your job in the safest way possible. This is especially important if you work in a workshop or a warehouse.

The foremost important factor in health and safety in these environments is staff training. If you use specific equipment that is relevant to your job role such as an industrial workbench your employer should provide adequate training. Maintenance checks should be recorded and completed on a regular basis. This is also important if you use forklift trucks, stock cages and hoists.

All staff should receive training with regard to manual handling and the correct procedure for loading and unloading deliveries of stock from lorries. Incorrect manual handling can cause musculoskeletal injuries and is unsafe in general.

Clear signage throughout should reminds staff of warnings when using certain equipment and if there have been any spillages or if cleaning is taking place.

Industrial flooring is a worthwhile investment as it offers a sturdy platform upon which to work and secure industrial shelving and work benches and will save the employer maintenance costs in the future. There are a number of companies that specialise in providing health and safety accredited equipment to factories and warehouses, such as A & B Industrial Services. Make sure you get the right equipment from the right kind of company. Ikea office shelving and work stations will simply not suffice.

A clear and spacious working environment, provided by the right workbench will give an employee ease and comfort as they work.

Standard shelving is not appropriate in a factory or workshop; industrial shelving is a paramount requirement when considering health and safety factors. Inappropriate shelving may not carry the weight of the product or stock your factory is producing and accidents such as items falling onto staff could occur.

Maintenance is a primary consideration for health and safety workers in any factory or workshop environment. Correct, thorough and recorded maintenance can prevent injury or death. You will be able to pick up on any equipment issues quickly and deal with them if you have a regular procedure in place to check it. These checks should be recorded by the person who does them with the time and date noted also.

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