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The Bribery Act affects every UK business and the consequences of non-compliance can include heavy fines or long prison sentences for employers and employees. This Anti Bribery course is designed to increase awareness of the Bribery Act 2010, highlights some of the different types of bribery, tells you what you should be including in your Bribery Policy, and what steps your organisation can take to help structure a defence should your employees or representatives be implicated in bribery. This Anti-Bribery course is suitable for all businesses that are required to have an anti-bribery policy in place within their organisation.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will have learned about:

  • What bribery is and where and when it can happen.
  • How bribery is defined.
  • The Bribery Act 2010, its scope and to whom it applies.
  • Important terminology from the Bribery Act.
  • The four main offences outlined in the Act.
  • What ‘facilitation’ and ‘grease’ payments are.
  • The difference between bribery and hospitality.
  • The five steps involved in bribery.
  • How the Act applies to you as an individual and to your business or organisation as a whole.
  • How businesses and organisations can structure a defence for themselves should their employees or representatives be implicated in bribery.
  • What should be included in an anti-bribery policy.
  • The consequences of non-compliance with the Bribery Act and the subsequent penalties involved in a prosecution.
  • How to spot potential signs of bribery.

Anti-Bribery Course Content

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  • Welcome
  • Section 1
  • Defining bribery
  • The Bribery Act 2010
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • Civil and criminal penalties
  • Section 2
  • Applying the Bribery Act
  • Any defence?
  • Committing an act of bribery
  • Section 3
  • Being bribed
  • Bribing
  • Bribing a foreign public official
  • Failure to prevent bribery
  • Section 4
  • Anti-bribery policy as a defence
  • Hospitality - or bribery?
  • Hospitality - or bribery? 2
  • Bribery red flags - people
  • Bribery red flags - payments
  • Bribery red flags - contracts
  • Bribery red flags - procedures
  • Anti-bribery test

Who should complete this course?

The course is designed for all employees with little or no knowledge of Anti-Bribery issues, so is ideal for induction and refresher training.

  • Prior Learning? - None required
  • Pre Course learning? - None required
  • Certification - All learners who successfully complete the module will be issued with a certificate of learning
  • Duration - Approximately 30 minutes

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