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No worries with our e-learning technical support desk

When you use our online health and safety training you want uninterrupted service 24/7. And that’s what you get. But when you want help, are unsure how something works or just want to resolve an issue then you can contact our technical support desk. These guys are experts, some say they’re almost fanatical about  it! They want to make a real difference to the experience our customers have with our e-learning system no matter the size or nature of the query. It makes them happy to help you.

As a customer you demand a responsive service from the chaps at our technical support desk. We deliver this support through a number of channels and this is yet another reason why more and more companies and organisations across the UK trust First Health and Safety. If you want to contact our technical support team then you can e-mail helpdesk@firsthealthandsafety.co.uk.

Because our online health and safety is entirely cloud based it makes it fast and effortless to access and use the e-learning system. All elements of the course are stored automatically and securely. That’s all your results and the entire audit trail and training records. All stored securely and in an instant. Our e-learning can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. It’s really that simple. No saving as you go, no hassle. No IT worries. That’s our promise.

This all means we deliver the best in customer satisfaction. And with the power of our technical support desk super-geeks to ensure any issues raised are dealt with it’s no wonder why we’re the UK’s number one health and safety e-learning company.

This is in stark contrast to other ordinary e-learning providers. There are no long waits for resolutions, no blinding you with science, no excuses. In short our technical support team provide a fast, responsive and effective customer support service. Nobody comes close to us on support. Which means that you, our valued customer, stays happy.

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