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E-learning case studies: How organisations can benefit

Below are a couple of e-learning case studies that illustrate how different organisations effectively use online health and safety training.

Client: Talk Once Ltd

 E-Learning case studies: The challenge

Talk Once are one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance brokers with new divisions opening in personal injury claims management and finance. The company’s rapid growth has seen staff numbers double each month over the first year. The company is very staff focused and wanted to ensure that everybody benefited from effective health and safety training across all their sites whilst also being able to track each employee’s progress.

They wanted to achieve all this whilst reducing projected traditional training costs and delivering H&S training across all their UK sites.

To address these challenges First Health and Safety implemented their online e-learning system to deliver effective and engaging training for all staff, regardless of their previous knowledge.

The health and safety training courses cover all of the company’s key requirements as well as determining the competency levels of learners on the material covered.

E-learning case studies: The result

Within three months of implementing the system Talk Once has put all staff through their H&S training programme providing real measurable business benefits for the company. Each team member can be tracked and audited to ensure compliance to the latest health and safety training requirements and the system can be accessed by office and home based staff.

What the client says:

“We were extremely pleased with First Health and Safety as a proactive partner in the implementation and delivery of our health and safety programme. The available health and safety training courses were well constructed and dynamic, the feedback from our staff was very positive. We would recommend First Health and Safety’s online e-learning training system as a highly cost effective solution to companies of all size.”

A Higgins – Managing Director

Client: Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (UK Gov.)

E-learning case studies: The challenge

MHRA are the government agency responsible for the regulation of all medicine and healthcare in the UK. The organisation has over 1000 office based employees as well as 300 staff who work offsite. MHRA needed a highly effective online training system to deliver the essential health and safety training to its large workforce.

As security of information is highly sensitive it was requested that the system be highly secure and hosted separately to MHRA’s internal systems. The organisation demanded an easy to use system combined with interactive modules, video clips and graphics that delivered a series of no nonsense training H&S courses.

E-learning case studies: The result

First Health & Safety’s e-learning system fulfilled all of the MHRA’s criteria whilst importantly meeting their budgetary requirements. The system uses six of our base modules and allows the HR department to record and audit the training of their staff

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