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Workplace Asbestos Safety Training

Added: 03 Feb 2012 11:30 - Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Asbestos safety training consultancy and e-learning

First Health and Safety are one of the UK’s leading workplace asbestos safety training consultants specialising in asbestos safety training and health and safety workplace training. We provide online e-learning, distance learning and classroom learning all providing high impact effective H&S training. We are an ideal consultancy to help your organisation reach H&S compliance.

Each of our workplace asbestos safety training consultants are highly trained and experienced in all areas of H&S training, fire safety, health issues and health assessment.

Asbestos training courses

For high impact and effective workplace asbestos safety training courses, contact First Health and Safety today. We are one of the UK’s leading health and safety consultants providing a range of health and safety courses in the classroom and online as e-learning courses. First Health and Safety consultants are ideal to help companies achieve health and safety compliance and tackle health and safety issues. We can provide asbestos training courses either at our training centre or at your place of work.

All of our H&S consultants are highly qualified in providing high impact and effective H&S training in a wide range of subjects including fire safety, construction safety and workplace safety. If you require effective e-learning or health and safety consultancy contact First Health and Safety.

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