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Most employers are aware of the legal requirements to complete a manual handling assessments.  However, where that risk assessment indicates a potential risk of injury from manual handling of loads, then employers must attempt to do the following:

Firstly to try and avoid hazardous manual handling operations so far as is reasonably practicable. Where this cannot be achieved and a risk of injury remains then the employer must assess any hazardous manual handling operations that cannot be avoided. Following these assessments it is then a requirement to try and REDUCE the risk of injury to the lowest level possible.

The last thing anybody wants is for someone to be injured at work, so we  provide manual handling assessments to look at the risks facing your workforce. We’ll assess how your employees trained and educated and the company policies which are in place.  We’ll look at manual handling techniques and your teams understanding of the manual handling process.

Manual handling accounts for a large amount of injuries at work which not only results in personal suffering but can also result in legal action against the business. In addition this also means lost work days, more absenteeism and can lead to a low moral. By undertaking a manual handling assessment you can quickly identify any areas that need attention. By using specialist consultants such as First Health and Safety you’ll also get a fresh pair of eyes looking at your environment – often we’ll spot things you’ve missed.

First Health and Safety’s consultants can help you complete these manual handling assessments. Our assessments will establish the full range of manual handling risks to which your employees are exposed and then illustrate the necessary steps to eliminate or reduce them.  The manual handling assessments will identify the different types of manual handling problems that can be foreseen from the various operations and recommend measures necessary to deal with them.

If you’d like to see FAQs on manual handling you can see additional information on the HSE website

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