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Let us carry-out your fire risk assessment for you..

When English fire safety law changed in October 2006 to the The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, this had a dramatic impact on employers responsibilities and the need for a reliable fire risk assessment.

The impact of this new legislation was to:

  • Put more emphasis’s on preventing fires and reducing risk
  • Makes it the employers responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the premises and in  the immediate vicinity
  • Does away with the need for a fire certificate
  • The order applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space.

This means that a responsible employer is now required to carry out or nominate someone to carry out a fire risk assessmentidentifying the main hazards and risks. This can be a difficult task which First Health and Safety’s trained consultants can complete for you.

The difference between the new legislation and the previous one is that everyone who may be in or on your premises has to be considered. This not only includes your workforce but also any contractors, visitors or members of the general public who are on site. You should also consider anyone with disabilities or people who may need special assistance.

 What’s in a fire risk assessment?

There are basically five steps to a fire risk assessment, these are:

  1. Identify all fire hazards – for example, flammable materials or ignition risks
  2. People who may be at risk – staff, contractors, visitors and the general public. Consider people who may need special assistance
  3. Evaluate the risks and take action – for example, remove sources of ignition away from potential fuels
  4. Record, plan and train – record your findings, plan how to prevent fires starting and make sure everyone knows what to do if a fire starts
  5. Review – Make sure you regularly review your findings and fire risk assessment

We can carry out all of the above for you and take the headache away. Contact us for more information.

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