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Time saving health and safety audits…

All management systems, including health and safety management, require regular auditing.  It provides an impartial assessment of the validity and reliability of the control systems.  It also ensures that employers are provided with information on implementation and effectiveness of plans, procedures and performance standards - At First Health and Safety we can provide you with an effective health and safety audits so you can evaluate your performance against measurable indicators.

Health and safety audits will provide an invaluable check on the reliability and effectiveness of your arrangements for policy making, organising, measuring and renewing performance.  We ensure our auditing practice is comprehensive so that we examine all the components of your health and safety management systems.

Audits are usually carried out every year and it gives a clear snapshot of an organisations current performance and standards. This allows for any action to be taken to fix any problems that health and safety audits can flag-up. By using an independent company to audit your business you can often find that we’ll spot stuff that you may have overlooked or missed. For many of our clients this has proved invaluable in making sure that their health and safety systems are reliable, robust and effective.

A health and safety audit will typically look at:

  • Your compliance with relevant legislation and law
  • A detailed look at your whole company and all departments
  • An in depth check of all your health and safety procedure and policies
  • The implementation of control measures

Undertaking health and safety audits allows you to identify and get rid of any risks. If you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of health and safety or in particular safety audits then please contact us.

In addition to health and safety audits we have a wide range of highly engaging e-learning courses available. These include animation,video, audio, text and images to create a highly interactive learning environment. If you’d like a FREE online demo of any of our online health and safety training courses then please click on the online demo button.

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