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Online e-learning courses to suit all health and safety training needs

We offer a comprehensive range of online courses in health and safety that are suitable for most organisations. These online health and safety courses can be purchased and customised to suit your specific requirements and situation.

Each year in the UK there are numerous accidents and injuries that result in personal suffering, fatalities, fines for companies, corporate manslaughter charges as well as the wider commercial consequences. These are just a few reasons why more and more organisations are turning to health and safety online courses to address training needs.

Our system is supported by a powerful yet easy to use reporting and content management system that provides a comprehensive audit trail and also allows you to add, edit and delete content within specific modules as well as create your own additional questions in the interactive test section.

Our e-learning courses have been produced by qualified health and safety experts and put together by learning specialist to ensure that your learners get the maximum benefit. The courses are highly interactive and include animation, video, audio, text and images to create a powerful learning experience. This means effective training and a safety first culture in your business.

Our learning management system that allows you to customise a range of our courses and therefore this means that you can react to changes in your workplace immediately and instantly, a feature that is not offered by conventional online courses.

The modules available are:

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