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Working at Height Online eLearning Course for Schools

Working at height accounts for a significant amount of serious injuries and fatal accidents across the UK every year. Our online health and safety e-learning course has been designed to provide schools with essential knowledge about working safely at height.

It provides clear and concise guidance to allow both employers and employees to comply with the working at height regulations 2005. This health and safety e-learning course will help you plan and assess the risks for work at height activities, ensure competent persons are carrying out the tasks and take steps to reduce and avoid risks.

It will also look at selecting the correct equipment for the job and other measures to reduce the height of a fall as well as PPE. This fully interactive working at height health and safety e-learning course uses a combination of highly engaging animation, video, audio, text and images to ensure that the learner gains maximum benefit from the online course.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will have learned about:

  • Understanding what working at height is
  • Knowledge of the working at height regulations 2005
  • What are the responsibilities of the employee and employer
  • Understanding hazards and good practice
  • Understanding control strategies
  • Being able to assess which equipment is suitable
  • The use of safety equipment

Working at height course for schools course content

  • Introduction
  • What is work at height?
  • What activities can be classified as work at height?
  • Why should working at height be controlled?
  • Legislation
  • Employers’ responsibilities
  • Your responsibilities
  • Hazards exercise
  • Application
  • When things go wrong
  • Good practice
  • Control strategies for work at height
  • Ladder safety
  • Ladder use
  • Step-ladders
  • Ladder summary
  • Working platforms
  • Guard-rails
  • Safe working platforms
  • General access scaffolds
  • Tower scaffolds
  • Mobile elevation work platform (MEWP)
  • Safety harness
  • Summary

Who should complete this course?

The working at height course is designed for employees within the school environment who work at height.

Prior Learning? - None required

Pre Course learning? - None required

Certification - All candidates who successfully complete the module will be issued with a certificate of learning in working at height

Duration - Approximately 30 minutes

For more info from the HSE on this subject go to their website. If you'd like information on our general Working at Height training course please click on the link.

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