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Workplace Health and Safety DVDs

Added: 03 Feb 2012 10:08 - Workplace Health and Safety

Effective workplace health and safety training videos

First Health & Safety provide a comprehensive range of workplace health and safety DVDs for  induction training courses. Each DVD  is designed to deliver effective training to ensure that you are up to date with all the latest HSE guidelines and other legislation.

Our workplace health and safety DVDs are highly effective and we also offer online courses via the internet.  The workplace e-learning courses offer full management control in a structured learning environment. Each stage of the course progress can be tracked to ensure that your employees have adequate support required to become competent in all required areas of health and safety.

DVD in workplace health and safety

First Health & Safety produce bespoke workplace health and safety training DVD’s. A bespoke training DVD can provide your organisation with key health and safety training, ensuring you comply with the current HSE legislation and at the same time ensuring you fulfil your health and safety training requirements.  The DVD can include many different subjects on health and safety and will provide your employees with an excellent level of competence in all key areas of health and safety.

In addition to DVD format training but we also offer great E-learning health and safety online courses, not only will you save time by providing on demand training with no need for external trainers – you will also save money by keeping your training costs low. As a company you will also have peace of mind that you will be fulfilling your legal responsibilities to provide adequate health and safety training.

Health and Safety DVDs from First Health & Safety are a modern approach to delivering extremely effective high impact training that complies with UK health and safety legislation and guidelines. Each bespoke DVD can cover a wide range of subjects and critical key topics on health and safety that ensure you are up to date and comply with the latest legislation.

For many businesses keeping up to date with constant changing legislation can be a challenge. First Health and Safety are specialists in offering bespoke workplace health safety training courses in the UK on DVD format or via interactive E-learning.  We offer a comprehensive range of online courses.

For more information on health and safety DVDs and health and safety videos please contact us.

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